Graphic Design Services

Nowadays, creating an eye-catching sign or piece of mail isn’t as simple as printing on pretty color paper and having intriguing images. The standard for premium graphic design has evolved with technology. This means you need to have a comprehensive understanding of modern graphic design skills to create a truly intriguing sign, poster, brochure, or piece of mail.

Luckily, International Minute Press of Pineville is here to help! We are one of the top graphic design companies Charlotte NC has to offer. Our phenomenal team of graphic designers are highly skilled and experienced, which means we are able to turn your ideas into reality.

With our team of top graphic designers, you don’t have to worry about your idea being too large or difficult to produce. Since our team is highly skilled and experienced, we are able to create everything from simple brochures to direct mail marketing campaigns with intricate designs.

As one of the top graphic design firms Charlotte NC has to offer, we utilize premium materials and techniques that ensure we will be able to capture your inspiration and ideas in the best way possible. Our extensive resources also allow us to provide you with a completely customizable experience. In other words, you will be able to choose everything from the type of material it’s printed on to additional aspects, designs, words, and pictures that are printed on your masterpiece.

Whether you need to print something for personal or corporate reasons, we are here to help. While having a rough sketch or inspirational photos for your desired product are helpful, they aren’t required. So, don’t worry if all you have are ideas. Our skilled design team is prepared to work with you until they adequately capture your vision.

A great aspect of our graphic design services is our ability to easily transfer them into a tangible product. We understand that something that is digitally attractive doesn’t always print well, especially if you’re planning to print large quantities of it. That’s why our knowledge and experience in printing comes in handy!

Since we’re used to printing projects in large quantities, we know what colors and designs print well. We will also be able to help you with a sizing guide. For example, your idea might be better suited on a smaller or larger product than you originally intended. While all of these things might seem like minor aspects in the larger scheme of things, they add up when you want to create the perfect print design.

At International Minute Press, we are dedicated to making your inspiration and ideas a reality at an affordable price. So, stop playing around with the standard graphic design materials on your computer and give us a call today at (704) 341-8800 for more information on our team and graphic design services. If you want to kick start your project, stop in for a free consultation. Our graphics Charlotte NC team is prepared to help you create the perfect design for your brochure, sign, flyer, or other printed material.