Nowadays, it’s more important than ever before that businesses have innovative, strategic, and detailed marketing plans. That’s why we expand our services above and beyond printing and graphic design. At International Minute Press, we are dedicated to providing businesses with all the products they need for successful marketing campaigns. From graphic design and printing to marketing plans, we truly have it all!

Marketing Services Charlotte NC

With our direct marketing tactics, you will be able to deliver information to potential clients in an attractive and intriguing way. Our marketing services include direct mail services, business reply cards, mail list acquisition, and email marketing.

During your free consultation, our highly trained customer service representatives will get the inside scoop into your business and any current marketing plan you have, as well as your ideas and goals for your next marketing plan. This will help us decide how to move forward in creating the perfect marketing plan for your business.

Printing and Marketing Services

One of the perks of coming to us to create your marketing plan is the fact that we are primarily a print shop. In other words, as soon as we create your detailed marketing plan, we can start creating the products you need to carry your plan out. These products include promotional products, direct mail, and anything else you might need for your marketing plan.

Our design process is simple. We start by consulting with you to determine which products you need and how your potential clients will receive them. For example, some businesses prefer to distribute promotional products in-person at trade shows, company parties, and other events. Likewise, some businesses prefer to choose the direct mail tactic, which includes mailing products, such as postcards, directly to potential clients.

If you choose our direct mail service, we will provide you with a strategically researched and detailed mailing list, which ensures all of your direct mail is sent to deliverable addresses and the correct people. In addition to creating an initial mailing list, you will have the option of tailoring this mailing list for the future.

Regardless of which way you to choose to distribute your products to potential clients, our design process is the same. It starts with sitting down with our specially trained and highly experienced graphic designers. You will have the opportunity to bounce your inspirations and ideas back and forth, so they can help you design your perfect promotional products.

Once your designs are complete, we will print them in the perfect size on a premium quality material. Then, you will be ready to kickstart your marketing plan and distribute your products to potential clients.

For questions or more information about our printing and marketing services, give us a call today at (704) 341-8800. Our customer representatives are ready to give you some exclusive insight on how we can help you curate the perfect marketing plan to amplify your business. If you already have inspiration and ideas and want to jump start your marketing plan, simply stop in for a free consultation!