How To Utilize Those Marketing Moments, When You Find Them

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Marketing is all about seizing opportunities and using them to their utmost advantage. Sometimes it works and sometimes the approach needs tweaking. We’ve mentioned marketing moments and how to find them in day-to-day life, but let’s talk about individual ways in which getting your specialty out there can be accomplished. Word of mouth is still one of the best ways to gain a positive reputation in a community, which means you need to be engaging with the community when you have the chance. Furthermore, look at your business as a service to others at all times—a way that you help the community. Here are three tactics to use to open up those marketing moments when you find them:
Find The Need—Maybe you work at/run a technical company and you’ve walked into a local boutique store and noticed them struggling with their computer system. They’ll probably apologize. This is your chance to say: “Oh, I understand, I run (Name of Business) we fix those types of issues; we see them all the time.” This will almost never be the end of the conversation. Keep the chat simple, but do mention that you love the store and if they need assistance with their computer system you’d be glad to give them your card and make some room for them this week. Now, it may seem uncouth to pull out your card in this moment, but what you’ll actually do is solidify in the employee’s mind that you had a service minded presence.
Complain Constructively—Have you been to an establishment whose décor was off-putting? Could they use your services as an interior decorator? Let them know. Being honest with another company is never a bad step. However, make sure that you are mentioning your complaint constructively. If you’ve seen on-line reviews mentioning the poor décor, you can use that to your advantage. You can say something like: “I love coming here for lunch, the food is incredible, but I think you could really make a great impact and gain more customers by investing in your ambiance—you have such a great space and location. I’d be happy to give you some ideas at a discount, if you’d be interested.” Don’t pressure him or her. You may not get an answer right away, but your comments will make an impact that they may consider at another time. And you may get that call.
Suggest Other Companies—If you see a need that’s not necessarily a service you offer, but you know of someone who can help, work that into conversation. However, give them your card and say “Give me a call and I can get you in touch with them.” They’ll find your offering of another’s service as a sign that you aren’t giving a personal pitch, but they’ll go through you to contact the service. You’ll get your name and business in the door for potential future business, and you’ll help out a friend.

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