Determining Your Customer Origin

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By determining how your customers find your store, you can track recent revenues or profitability and focus programs to successfully reach target markets based on actual results.

The easiest form of documenting customer origin is for the sales team to simply ask its customers, “How did you hear about us?” While direct, this is flawed – customers may not remember or realize where they found you.
Today’s technology has simplified the task of obtaining customer origins. Social media sites and analytic functions allow businesses to track online traffic as it funnels into your website, but tracking in-store customers’ first point of contact with your company is still challenging.
Encourage direct answers by adding key words like “our website, our Facebook page, or the holiday ad” to the questionnaire so your customer might recall what prompted his or her interest. The modern customer might find a business from word-of-mouth, review sites, local search, or Google Adwords.
The ultimate goal is to make sure funds aren’t being wasted on marketing efforts through unfruitful mediums, yet this can differ between different types and sizes of businesses.

Whatever shape or size your company is, remember to:

1. Obtain accurate information on customer origins and tag/organize data accordingly.
2. Analyze the results. Are you reaching your target market? Was the new campaign successful?
3. Take appropriate action. Could funds be reallocated to a better use? Should certain segments receive more attention than others?

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