Top Reasons to Maintain Your Customer Database

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In the “Information Age”, we all feel a bit overwhelmed; we have to

sort through the junk, the essentials, and the I’ll-get-to-it-laters.

Perhaps the most vital information to be strictly monitored is a company’s customer database. It is this chunk of data that holds contact information and explains purchasing patterns. Why should you maintain an up-to-date database? Here’s five good reasons, and a thank-you in advance from your bottom line.

1. To monitor the progress of your business

Progress and growth are often synonymous for businesses. A good database allows you to see conversion rates for customers, to pinpoint what top or frequent customers have in common, and to use tags and segments to organize customer information. Identifying trends and possible opportunities by relating relevant points of data is simple with an organized database.

2. To avoid obsolete Information

Information becomes obsolete quickly. Because customers move or pass away, you could be trying to reach people who cannot or do not want to be reached anymore. With a smaller, current database, your efforts are more targeted and cost efficient.

3. To save space & stay organized

Sloppy entries could include duplicate records and misspellings. These records take up unnecessary space in the database with excess or worthless information. A clean database is a more flexible database. With less extraneous records, you can find new ways to manipulate and interpret the data.

4. It’s simple

By prioritizing database cleanup as an every day task, your company can avoid collecting and maintaining unneeded data. If your database is already disorganized or too large to monitor, consider hiring an outside company to assist in the process and provide training for upkeep.

5. A well-maintained database is a Marketer’s best tool

A database is more than a digital file cabinet. It allows companies to identify the most profitable segments of its target market and to reach customers with similar characteristics of these buyers. By acting on purchasing patterns, it is easy to contact customers at peak times. Direct mail, email blasts, and other marketing materials can become personalized offers for specific customers or segments.

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