Looking Good Online: How to manage your reputation effectively

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In 2014, having a store front or even a website isn’t enough anymore. Competition is at an all time high as customers have access to thousands of reviews and options at their fingertips. So how can you make sure you’re reaching your audience through all the noise?


Companies must actively participate instead of just posting a website and waiting for traffic to come by itself. By using Google or social media sites to get alerts when individuals or organizations mention your name, you have the opportunity to thank users who post positive feedback and to try to address negative feedback in a constructive, public way.
Managing search engine results is vital to looking good online. Encourage users to go online and rate your services or share a testimonial once they have used your products and services.
Your online presence is like an ongoing resume; it doesn’t go away, so make sure it looks presentable and represents your current image. If you have different goals than when you first started out, or some posts aren’t relevant to the direction your brand has taken, don’t be afraid to remove them. It’s the quality of your content that counts – not the quantity!
And of course, you know you look good when you look in the mirror. So check your website! If you want a modern, easy-to-use website with all the perks of a strategy team, look no further than our partner, Creativate!

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