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Everyone is going online for service, reviews, and of course, customer service.

While your company might have a customer service representative, a contact form, or a customer complaint section accessible on your website, many customers still find social media sites more useful for their comments due to visibility. Here are a few ways to combat negative feedback and accept positive feedback on social media sites!

Be Quick

Customers go online to sites like Yelp, Facebook or Twitter because they’re speedy. Why fill out your first and last name, email, and phone number when you can just write a quick remark and use a hashtag to let your friends know how you feel about a product or a company? For all your speedy users, it’s important to monitor these responses and reply as soon as possible with a solution for the problem or gratitude for the praise.

Be Personable

Even though the customers are online, this doesn’t mean that they enjoy an automated response. Features like online chat sessions are extremely helpful for helping customers navigate a website or find a quick answer to a question, yet even these users still want to know someone real is at the other end. Instead of using phrases like “I’m sorry to hear…” or “our policy states,” as filler responses, picture yourself in the situation and think of how you would want to be spoken to. Think golden rule here, and use the opportunity to build a relationship.

Be In the Right Place

If you are unable to reach out to someone quickly, at least reach out to him or her through the same medium in which he or she contacted you. If they called on the phone, call back. If they tweeted, tweet back, and so on. This helps the customer find the response easily without feeling too jostled through emails and 800 numbers.

Be Alert

In order to properly respond to customers and to know what people are saying about your brand or company, it is important to stay connected. There are many ways to set up alerts or notifications for activity, or hiring someone to manage each social media outlet is always an option.

Be Reasonable

Not every mention or comment requires a response. If someone tagged your company in a post, then perhaps you can comment, retweet or favorite; however, if a post casually mentions your company, don’t jump on the first opportunity to respond. It could get creepy and very big-brother-ish.

Be Different

While social media is a great way to market your product/service, people don’t want constant advertisements. By posting things that are unique, funny, interesting, or heartwarming, you will gain customer interest and trust because they feel you aren’t solely money driven and that you care about making the customers happy and relating to them.

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