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  • Business cards and postcards
  • Copies and forms & Emboidery

Business Builders

  • Key products for your business
  • Marketing and basic products
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  • Products to market your business
  • Booklets, catalogs and brochures
  • Flyers, postcards and doorhangers

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Charlotte NC Print Shop Services Local Printing

For over 25 years, International Minute Press of Pineville has been one of the most reputable and trusted Charlotte printing shop services companies around. We are dedicated to using variable data and graphic design to produce premium quality printed items. Quality, speed, and affordability are our print shop priorities. Continue reading to learn more about our services!

Direct Mail Charlotte NC

If you’re looking for a proactive marketing campaign that actually sticks and reaches your target audience. Then consider our direct mail services! Even though it seems like digital marketing is all the rage, and mail marketing is on its way out. Many companies still value receiving something in the mail.

With our print shops direct mail services. We will pair you up with one of our graphic designers to create an aesthetically pleasing and informative postcard or other piece of mail. Not only will we offer our design and printing services to you. We will also provide your company with a comprehensive mailing list that uses current data. So you won’t have to worry about finding updated and deliverable addresses on your own!

Graphic Design Companies Charlotte NC

As one of the top printing companies Charlotte NC has to offer, International Minute Press of Pineville provides premium graphic design services. Our team of graphic designers is highly trained and experienced. Whether you have a rough sketch of the product you want to create, or simply inspiration and ideas, our graphic designers will help make your project a reality.

Our team uses industry standard technology to create products that are visually appealing and stand out including all embroidery needs. This will help convey the information on your products in an easy-to-read and enjoyable way!

Promotional Products Charlotte NC

If you run a business, you most likely understand the importance of promotional products in delivering your company’s logo and message directly to your customers’ hands. As a top printing shop & company in Charlotte NC, we offer a variety of promotional products ranging from t-shirts and mugs, embroidery to brochures, flyers, and postcards.

While promotional products are great to give away at company events, trade shows, and other parties and events, you can deliver yours directly to your customers’ front door. Regardless of how you to decide to deliver them, we will make sure your products are premium quality and intriguing to your customers.

Printing and Marketing Services At Our Shop

Although we are primarily one of the top printing services Charlotte NC has to offer, we also provide a range of marketing services that will elevate your business and draw your target audience to your products and services.

Our marketing services range from designing and printing direct mail and developing mailing lists to curating a comprehensive marketing campaign. Since we are primarily a printing company, if the marketing campaign we help you create utilizes printed products, you can use our in-house team and technology. This not only makes it easier and more efficient for you to bring your marketing campaign to life, but it is also more affordable.

Business Cards & Embroidery Charlotte NC

If you run a business, you most likely know the importance of business cards. You never know when and where you might need to give your information to a potential client or business professional and let’s face it: pulling out a pen and piece of paper to jot down your information isn’t necessarily professional.

With our business card service, you will be able to work alongside our graphic designers to create a sleek and contemporary business card that displays all of your information in an organized and appealing fashion. Not only will we design your business card, but we will also print it on premium quality material for you our trusted screen printing and embroidery service is second to none.

Large Format Printing Charlotte NC

There’s no better way to spread the name, message, or products and services of your business by using one of our large format printing services. We offer a variety of large format print products ranging from banners and signs to vehicle wraps.

Our banners and signs can be printed on a variety of materials, such as vinyl, coroplast, PVC, foam core, and even simple standard paper at our shop. Regardless of what material you choose, our graphic designers will help you elevate your design, so it stands out and draws customers to your business.

Although our banner printing Charlotte NC service is perfect for businesses, our banners can be used indoors or outdoors for professional and personal use. The same concept applies to our signs. We understand that signs can be flimsy, which is why we also offer lightweight or heavy-duty sign stands to keep your sign secured and easily viewable.

As for our vehicle wraps, they are a great asset if you want to show off your Charlotte NC business on your vehicle. Our vehicle wraps can be customized to fit any vehicle, as well as display any messages or pictures you want. Just think of all the customers you could reach by driving around in a vehicle that captures the essence of your business!

Brochure Printing & Embroidery At Our Shop In Charlotte NC

While we offer a variety of extensive services, such as direct mail and large format print as well as embroidery for companies. We also value traditional print products, such as brochures and embroidery. Like the rest of our services, you have the opportunity to work alongside our graphic design team to create an attractive and informative brochure that will captivate your customers.

For more information about any of our products or services or to schedule a consultation, give us a call today at (704) 341-8800!

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