Visualize it …


a direct mail Charlotte NC campaign using personalized images that show each recipient’s name burned into wood or etched into glass.

A car brochure with a car image that has a reflection off the car’s window that shows a hometown landmark.

A calendar with the recipient’s name included into each month’s image.

With our new 1-to-1 Marketing Technology by XM Pie, you can go where your imagination takes you.

We can embed text within images and images within images to build effective, meaningful, can’t-ignore-it direct mail Charlotte NC communications that drive recipients to read, react and respond to your message. Instead of including a static image of a house in a real estate brochure, include a variable, personalized picture where the house design and color changes based on a recipient’s preference, and the recipient’s name is engraved on the mailbox.

Studies have shown ROI jumping from traditional 1-2% rates for direct mail as high as 50%!

Make an appointment today to discuss this new technology with us, to include it in your next direct mail Charlotte NC campaign.